ZeaTrans Worldwide Logistics offers same day local delivery. Anything from documents to machinery, when your customers need delivery across town "stat", ZeaTrans is the company to call. With a pick-up and delivery network servicing the entire nation, you will find the response to your call is immediate and the follow up is exceptional.

A substantial percentage of our business consists of truck load services. To and from any point in the United States, our network of trucks stands ready to meet your service and cost requirements.

Expedited truck load, driver teams, flat beds and backhauls, are also available in our select trucking network. For your time sensitive shipments, ask about our expedited services.


ZeaTrans Worldwide Logistics specializes in full truckload shipments. Our motor carrier network is over 20,000 strong and because of our proprietary transportation management system finding and securing a qualified carrier for our customers, truckloads are our specialty!

As we help carriers keep their trucks moving, we simultaneously help you obtain the best truck for your shipment, at the most cost-effective price.

Equipment Options

  • Dry Van
  • Flatbed / Step deck
  • Temperature Control (Heated or Refrigerated)
  • Specialized & Heavy Haul - RGN, Lowboy, Double Drop & more...

We provide Specialized Equipment to our customers who face greater challenges with the products they ship. Many times customers need to move oversize or overweight products and that's where our expertise in this specialized field of transportation gives us the ability to know what type of equipment is needed. We offer our customers the best solution to their transportation needs.

Double Drops

Double drops have a low deck in the center, known as the "well", to accommodate high loads that would be too tall on other trailers. The length of the well is usually 25' to 30' with deck heights as low as 12" but more often at 18" to 24". The extendable double drop has the added capability of extending the length of the well to as much as 50' to 53'.

(RGN) Double Drop Removable Goose Necks

Commonly known in the industry as a "detach", this trailer is mainly used for hauling construction equipment, cranes, forklifts, and other self-propelled equipment that can be driven on and off. The gooseneck detaches and is pulled away from the lower deck along with the tractor, clearing the way to drive the load onto the trailer. The RGN is found in various configurations of deck types (flat floor, beam, or drop side), lengths, heights, and variable configurations of axles.

RGN Multi-Axle Combination

The really heavy loads get moved on these high capacity trailers, they are available in many combinations of decks, axles and spacing.


ZeaTrans is a leader in providing Flatbed and Step Deck equipment across the United States. Whatever the product may be, we provide the right equipment at the right time at the right price.

Flatbeds range in lengths from 45' to 53' with a deck height usually 58" to 60". The stretch trailer, usually 48' in the closed position, extends to lengths of 70' to 80'.

Step decks are usually 48' or 53' long with lower deck lengths of 37' to 43'. Heights are as low as 32" or 36" but are commonly found at 38" to 42". The extendable step deck stretches to fit long loads with lower deck lengths of 65' to 70'.