Zeatrans Worldwide Logistics has extended their services by launching our new manifest transmitting service. We are now able to cover all your Manifest needs. AMS is a cargo release notification and inventory control system. AMS integrates directly with the US Customs In-Bond and Selectivity systems used at US Customs Ports of Entry, as well as indirectly with the Automated Broker Interface (ABI). It facilitates quicker release and identification of low risk shipments.

With AMS you can:

  • File inward manifest data electronically.
  • Get electronic cargo release days before vessel arrival.
  • Benefit from electronic arrival of a vessel at each port of call.
  • Amend, delete, or re-add bill of lading data electronically.
  • Participate in Paperless Master In-bond program.
  • Receive electronic in-bond authorizations.
  • Designate secondary parties to receive carrier status notifications: designate AMS service center, FIRMS location, rail carrier, truck carrier, terminal operator, or another ocean carrier.
  • Transfer custodial bond liability electronically.
  • Request and receive electronic authorizations for Permits to Transfer (PTT).
  • Receive notification of APHIS, other government agency, and Customs holds.
  • Receive batch numbers with transmissions from AMS to enhance tracking ability

For more information, write to us at manifest@zeatrans.com